Height: 5'4
Weight: 106 Lbs
Shoe Size: 37
Languge:English, Chinese

"I am a buddhist in vanilla life but a sadist in my bdsm scene.
If there would be only two things in my dream, it would be: leather and boots!
I don't know who invented the high heeled shoe, but I'm sure every woman owes him a lot!

First, about myself:
In My vanilla life I have a genuine, keen interest in books and hard rock music,
While My other passions include Premier League,work out and photograghy.
Im intellectual, witty and with a great sense of humour.
But am as well as paradoxical, for either can be active as a rabbit, or as passive as a book.
I love life outdoors, and believe that beauty is in Nature .

The other side of me, regarding bdsm:
Exclusive, imaginative and exquisite: I am a natural born Chinese Domme,
with a profound understanding in pain and pleasure.
Bdsm for me is an art, but not a science.
I deeply believe anyone who interest in BDSM has a private dungeon built in their mind.
If you dare entering My twisted sadistic world,
I'll show you how deliciously I can slowly gain control of your mind;
how through humiliation and sensory deprivation
you'll learn the true meaning of the word "respect";
I can be cruel and harsh, but I can also be highly erotic and sensual
- no matter what I am ALWAYS in control:
I take joy in practising a whole range of BDSM activities,
more than most of your puny minds can imagine.
So if you seek a Mistress who is cultured and cruel,
a bitch with brains and beauty who can unlock your fantasies."

I await your servitude!